Deodorant Market Size, Share, Trends

The global deodorant market Size was valued at USD 22.54 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 30.76 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.0% during the forecast period.

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Deodorant has become one of the popular product as it can keep the underarm fresh and prevent the body from producing an unpleasant smell even in warm weather. The increasing growth of global warming helps to increase consumption as it results in a large number of people experiencing the release of odor and sweat from their bodies. For instance, according to the data published by the scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York, in 2018, the global temperature has risen to 1.lima degrees Fahrenheit which is greater as compared to 1951-1980.

Additionally, the growing demand for the product by people who are involved in health and fitness activities such as jogging, yoga, bicycle riding, and others will give impetus to the deodorant market growth.  For instance, according to the data released by You Gov, there is an estimation of 79% of Americans to be involved in exercising activities, out of which 50% prefer to exercise in the morning, 26 % in the evening, and 19% in the afternoon.MARKET TRENDS

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The Growing Popularity of Stick and Organic Deodorant are Powering Market Growth

The rising awareness among the dunia population towards a healthy and fresh lifestyle is driving the product demand. Stick deo product which is in solid form and non-sticky in nature is now popularly being used as it can hold odor for an extended period. For instance, according to the product description of Nivea, its pearl & beauty antiperspirant stick offers 48 hours of real protection and is leaving the underarms with the sensation of smooth, beautiful, and softness.

Furthermore, the organic type is expected to attract more customers towards the product in the coming years owing to its skin-friendliness, proven excellence in the elimination of odor, aluminum-free nature, and others. Additionally, organic deodorant doesn’t cause stain on clothes which are also an essential factor in boosting the product demand. For instance, considering the growing demand, Shahnaz Husain Group has announced the launch of herbal and organic deo for the Indian market in 2018.MARKET DRIVERS

Increasing Consciousness Regarding Personal Grooming is Estimated to Drive the Market

Growth of the dunia economy along with an escalated number of dual-income families has resulted in the changes in lifestyle and improvement in the standard of living. These factors are therefore expected to support market growth. Furthermore, the increasing promotional campaigns of cosmetic and fragrance products through television, radio, print media, and social media is also playing a significant role in providing awareness of the benefits of products.

For instance, according to the data published by Sprout Social, in 2019 US marketers are estimated to be using 86.8% Facebook, 75.3% Twitter, 66.5% Instagram, and 51.9% YouTube for their social media campaigns. Additionally, intense competition among the companies has resulted in the production of the best possible product to capture more consumers, which in turn is acting as a flourishing factor for the generation of greater revenue.

Manufacturers Focusing on Introduction of Innovative Products is Expected to Power the Market Growth

A large number of manufacturers are focusing on coming up with better and innovative products which can meet the requirement of most of the individuals and thereby expand their consumer base. The innovations of aluminum-free products and the use of natural ingredients will boost the demand as it helps to avoid the absorption of toxic chemicals into the body. Furthermore, the introduction of deo wipe that comes in the form of wiping papers, which are lightweight, simple, and easy to use is also contributing to the deodorant market revenue.MARKET RESTRAINT

The Formation of Skin Allergies Hampers the Market Growth

Most of the deodorants contain various types of chemicals such as aluminum compounds, Cyclomethicone, and others. These chemicals can cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin, which is, therefore, acting as a restraining factor for the market growth. Additionally, excessive use of products containing ethanol will lead to dry skin, and thus dryness can further cause itchiness and might later lead to irritation or swelling of the skin.SEGMENTATIONBy Product Type Analysis

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Spray Segment is Expected to Dominate the Global Market

The deodorants market by type can be segmented into spray, roll-on, stick, and others. Spray segment is anticipated to dominate the market by product type owing to higher demand from the consumers for the products including features such as the ability to dry instantly, which in turn helps to avoid stains on clothes. Furthermore, spray deodorant is not sticky or wet as compared to other different products, and therefore the segment is gaining more traction. Additionally, spray deo does not leave any debris or flake on the skin is also helping to attract more consumers to the product.By Packaging Material Analysis

Plastic Segment is Estimated to Hold Major Market Share

Based on packaging material, the market is divided into metal, plastic, and others. Plastic material is projected to be the largest market shareholder. As plastic containers are considered to be durable which means that it can withstand a shock or a drop as compared to a material like glass or paper and thus this quality acts as a thriving factor for more demand for the product. Furthermore, due to its lower cost as compared to other raw materials, it is often chosen over other types of materials. Additionally, due to its lightweight nature, plastic deodorant is easy to carry around, which makes it very convenient to carry while traveling. For instance, according to ‘Facts and Figures about Materials, Waste and Recycling’ published by the US Environmental Protection Agency, in 2017, about 14.lima million tons of plastic was being used in container and packaging produced in the United States. Likewise, most manufacturers such as Unilever PLC, The Procter & Gamble Company, Spirit Nest, and others are utilizing a large amount of plastic material for the production of deo stick, wipe, spray, roll-on, and others.

Due to large amount of waste generation and non-recyclable plastic deposition in the environment, more manufacturers are taking steps to prevent this issue. For instance, according to the article,’ Dove move to 100 percent recycled plastic’ published by Unilever in November 2019, the dove is focusing on switching to new 100% recyclable plastic cans for its products, in Europe and North America.

However, due to the durability and easier recycling process of metal as compared to plastic, it is projected to hold a significant share in the years to come.By End-User Analysis

Men Segmentation is Estimated to Hold Greater Market Share

Based on end-user, the deodorant market is grouped into men and women. Men segment is projected to be the larger market shareholder owing to the larger number of men participating in sports activities like basketball, football, cricket, and others. These sportsmen are increasingly inclined towards using deodorants to avoid the bad smell of sweating.

For instance, according to the data published by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, in 2017-2018, in the United States, the number of male NCAA student-athletes was about 278,614 nationwide, which is 56 percent of the student-athlete total population.

Furthermore, men are expected to be participating in a more physically demanding type of job like mining, construction, manufacturing, and others which are considered to drive more needs of the product.REGIONAL ANALYSIS

Europe Deodorant Market Size (2018)

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