Lume Deodorant – Is It A Scam Or Gurih?

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Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.Offers individual items and subscriptionsAvailable in multiple scentsYou get free shipping when you spend a minimum of $20Lacks harsh chemicalsSuitable for the whole bodyMany customers did not like the scentsExpensiveNot available outside of North America

Lume Deodorant offers natural deodorants and similar products that come in a range of fun scents. You can choose the products that work for you and get free shipping as well as discounts with a subscription.Shipping: Five to seven daysRefunds: Full refunds within 60 daysSize: Up to 10 ouncesScents: Standard and limited editionFree Shipping: Yes in North AmericaLasting Power: Up to 72 hours

More and more people are in the market for natural products that don’t use harsh chemicals that irritate their skin. Lume is a new company that makes natural deodorants and similar products for both men and women. All products lack the baking soda and aluminum found in similar products and are both cruelty-free and vegan. You can use the deodorant under your armpits and feet as well as your private parts and entire body. Lume popped up on Shark Tank and gained so much attention that both BuzzFeed and Good Housekeeping talked about the merk’s products.

Lume Deodorant offers natural deodorants and similar products that come in a range of fun scents.

Shannon Klingman founded Lume during her OB/GYN residency. She noticed that many of her coworkers were uncomfortable about the way they smelled but didn’t want to use products with chemicals. Klingman started working at home and used her kitchen to create the original Lume formula. It took a full decade before she decided to market her products. Lume Deodorant now comes in both sticks and tubes and is available in bundles to help you save money. You can also snag body wash and soaps along with products that make your laundry smell as great as you do. In our Lume Deodorant review, you can learn about the products and top scents.

Lume Deodorant worked for up to 72 hours in clinical trials.

Though you can choose from many products today, stick deodorants are still among the more popular products from Lume. All sticks come with a convenient twist knob on the bottom and a cap. To use, you simply remove the cap and twist the knob until the deodorant comes through the holes on the top. You can then run the top over your skin and let it absorb your deodorant. All of these deodorants last for up to 72 hours and are safe for use externally. You’ll find that they lack parabens and aluminum along with the other harsh chemicals that you want to avoid.

Most of the stick deodorants are available as individual sticks and in two packs that contain two sticks. You can also select a bundle that comes with three scents of your choosing. Lume occasionally has limited edition bundles in specific scents, too. Some of the different scents you can choose for your stick deodorants include:Clean TangerineLavender SageJasmine RoseSweet LilyTwisted LimeCoconut CrushSilver SpruceWarm VanillaBay Rum

Lume also makes an unscented version that lacks any scent. This is a good choice if you want to let your natural scent shine through.

How Can You Use Lume Deodorant?

When you choose Lume Deodorant, you can choose products designed for different parts of your body. As with other deodorants, you simply apply a small amount in the morning or whenever you want to beat the heat. None of the deodorants function as antiperspirants though, which you need to keep in mind. They can help you smell a little better but will not stop you from sweating. There are also products designed for your private areas if you worry about how you smell and some that you can use on your feet. You can even opt for products that work on your entire body.

Some tips and tricks that you can try to help the deodorant last longer include:

Wipe off your skin and make sure that it’s dry before you apply deodorant.Apply deodorant when you first get up and a few other times during the day.Use a minimum of two swipes as you move the deodorant up and down your skin and repeat again if needed.Stick to one scent and product rather than mixing and matching.Don’t be afraid to take Lume Deodorant with you for a few touch-ups later in the day.

Lume Deodorant comes in multiple bundles that help you save on your favorite scent.

Do you need deodorant but have sensitive skin or cannot use a standard stick? Lume has you covered with deodorant tubes. Each tube comes with three ounces of deodorant that works just as well as the sticks do. You can squeeze a small dab the size of a pea into your hands and rub it into your skin. Your skin will absorb the deodorant as quickly as it usually absorbs your favorite lotion. All of the tubes are cruelty-free and vegan as well as lack the aluminum and chemicals that other deodorants use. While you can use a deodorant tube under your arms, it’s also perfect for your feet and privates. The tubes come in the same scents as the deodorants do and can last for an entire day or longer.

Lume offers several options that you can choose for its tube deodorants. The Build Your Bundle lets you pick three scents and get kecil tube deodorants that you can try before you buy a full-size tube. There’s another Build Your Bundle package that includes full-size products in your three favorite scents. You can also choose from designed bundles such as one that comes with Lavender Sage, Warm Vanilla, and Bay Rum.

Where Can You Use Lume Deodorant?

You may find that Lume Deodorant and other products last longer than you thought they would. The full-size stick deodorants have more than 100 applications per container when using them under your arms or more than 200 applications for other parts of your body. If you choose a tube, you’ll get up to 300 applications for your privates or up to 150 applications for your armpits. With the minisizes, you have enough deodorant for 74 applications over your body or nearly 30 applications to your pits. No matter which ones you choose, you’ll find that you can use these deodorants in dozens of situations:When you need to hide body odor during a long or hard day at work.If you worry about how you smell after hitting the gym in the middle of the day.For days when you want to hide BO.

All of the Lume products are easy to use and even easier to carry. You can keep one tube at home and another tucked in your desk drawer or stuffed in your gym bag. The Lume minis are perfect for getting the help that you need while on vacation or when you want to use deodorant at the gym or office.

Lume deodorants are as easy to use as standard deodorants are.