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This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity.

an agent for destroying odors.

a substance, often combined with an antiperspirant, for inhibiting or masking perspiration or other bodily odors.

capable of destroying odors: a deodorant cream.


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First recorded in 1865–70; de-+ odor+ -antOTHER WORDS FROM deodorant

non·de·o·dor·ant, noun, adjectiveWords nearby deodorant

deny, Denys, deoch-an-doruis, deodand, deodar, deodorant, deodorize, deodorizer, Deo gratias, deontic, deontological

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Aluminum-free deodorants are one way to cut down on exposure to potentially harmful substances.

Buy on Amazon, $nullChub Rub is an anti-chafing stick that looks like a stick of deodorant, except it’s not just for your armpits, it’s for anywhere your skin rubs together.

As a professional nose at the New Jersey-based company Sensory Spectrum, she smells things for a living, to help companies assess the aromas in a new coffee brew, or to evaluate whether a deodorant successfully blocks body odor.

Take people with disabilities, for which Unilever is currently testing a deodorant.

A deodorant bottle, cap and crank could all be different plastics.

Retailers have entered the terminals and the vending machines offer everything from deodorant to iPads.

This would make sense, if there was a cut-off somewhere along the vast “deodorant using—crop dusting” continuum.

Just try sticking a Doors song on an ad for a Buick or deodorant.

On the first day that Curry took over, she blurted out on air, “I knew I should have worn deodorant today, this is hard today!”

Watch his foray into the land of the Internet in this deodorant shtick that has gone viral.

They tried frantically to remedy the situation by the use of this toothpaste and that, and this deodorant and the other.

A Deodorant is a substance which neutralizes or destroys the unpleasant odors arising from matter undergoing putrefaction.

As a deodorant, keep in an open vessel a sponge or cloth saturated with the Chlorides full strength.

A disinfectant is not necessarily an antiseptic or a deodorant, nor are these last necessarily disinfectants.

Chloride of lime, or bleaching powder as it is often called, is a good disinfectant, as well as a deodorant.British Dictionary definitions for deodorant

noun a substance applied to the body to suppress or mask the odour of perspiration or other body odours (as modifier)a deodorant spray Compare antiperspirant

any substance for destroying or masking odours, such as liquid sprayed into the air

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An agent that masks, suppresses, or neutralizes odors, especially a cosmetic applied to the skin to mask body odors.

Capable of masking, suppressing, or neutralizing odors.

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